The steel made incandescent on the forge is shaped with the help of the anvil and the hammer. I use this technique for steels more simple, such as carbon steels. For steels more complex, such as sintered steel, i use the technique of the stock removal: after drawing the outline of the blade (or spring) on the bar of steel, I cut it with the aid of a band saw and then to finish the outline with files and belt grinder.


Blades thus obtained is ground to obtain the plane of the cutting edge. In the forged blades has already been drafted with the hammer so just have to be finished, while the blades obtained by stock removal is entirely realized on the grinding wheel. I execute freehand grinding using grinding wheel of large size or belt grinder with contact wheels of a smaller diameter with belt of various grain.


Hardening and subsequent tempering are the operations that give the blade the right hardness. From these operations depend therefore the resilience of the edge and the elasticity of the blade. I execute personally the heat treatment availing of an electric furnace.